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NASA Announces Educational Resources Related to Upcoming Shuttle Mission to Hubble

By SpaceRef Editor
September 25, 2008
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NASA Announces Educational Resources Related to Upcoming Shuttle Mission to Hubble

NASA Launches New Hubble Web Site for Educators

In conjunction with the upcoming space shuttle mission to the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA Education has launched a new Web site with resources for educators.

The site celebrates Hubble as a unique tool of exploration and as a catalyst of inspiration to wonder — to ponder new questions and to seek expressive responses to the magnificent visual imagery it enables people to “see.” This site will continue to follow the Hubble journey into 2010, Hubble’s 20th anniversary year.

Join NASA as preparations progress toward a fall 2008 launch of the space shuttle Atlantis for the mission to service Hubble. When the mission concludes, Hubble will be like a new telescope. New gyroscopes and batteries will extend its operational lifetime. New, more powerful and sensitive scientific instruments will increase Hubble’s capacity to “see” deeper into space than ever before.

The Hubble educational resource site offers activities and resources for three primary themes: Hubble Careers, From Galileo to the Great Observatories, and the Hubble Walk: Spacesuits and Spacewalks. Revisit this Web site often throughout the next year for updates and added activities, resources, links to complementary sites, and notices of special events.

Hubble L-1 Webcast

Tune in the day before the launch to learn what it takes to fly a difficult servicing mission to the Hubble Space Telescope. Seven astronauts will work in space aboard space shuttle Atlantis for 11 days to capture the orbiting observatory and install two cutting-edge instruments plus a host of equipment. After the crew of Atlantis is finished, Hubble will be ready to complete at least five more years studying the cosmos.

Hosted by Damon Talley of NASA’s Digital Learning Network and Rebecca Sprague of NASA Public Affairs at Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the L-1 webcast features interviews with the crew, a Hubble astronomer and up-close looks at all the work going into this exciting mission.

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