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NanoRacks Successfully Completes Bridge Round, Lead by Space Angels

By SpaceRef Editor
October 3, 2017
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NanoRacks is excited to announce that the Company has successfully closed a Bridge Round, lead by Space Angels, the leading source for capital for early-stage space ventures. Space Angels’ investment in NanoRacks will lead to the acceleration of NanoRacks Commercial Airlock Module manufacturing.
“We are very pleased to have Space Angels on board with NanoRacks, and specifically, the world’s first commercial Airlock in space,” says NanoRacks CEO Jeffrey Manber. “This investment will expedite our production, and it’s wonderful to have Space Angels invested in this landmark program to enable the future of commercial space.”
In May 2016 NanoRacks signed a Space Act Agreement with NASA in order to install a private airlock module on board the International Space Station – the first in station history. In February 2017, the Company announced that Boeing will partner on the Airlock, and will be fabricating and installing the Airlock’s Passive Common Berthing Mechanism (PCBM). Today, as manufacturing ramps up, Space Angels’ investment is key for maintaining the schedule and NanoRacks’ increased level of quality assurance.
“NanoRacks is unquestionably the world’s leading commercial provider of space station services and hardware,” said Chad Anderson, CEO of Space Angels. “NanoRacks has launched hundreds of payloads to the International Space Station, is currently building the first commercial airlock, and with Ixion the company plans to build and operate their own commercial space stations. We’re excited to partner with this incredibly experienced and passionate team that is doing so much to enable our future in space.”
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