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Nanoracks Is Offering Unbeatable Rideshare Pricing & Services

By SpaceRef Editor
February 7, 2020
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Recently, we at Nanoracks announced that we are now offering small satellite deployment opportunities on SpaceX dedicated rideshare missions – and our first mission is targeted for Q4 2020. We’ve been very busy – and now just a few spaces still remain on our port, and we want to give you the best deal possible!

We’re selling discounted rates through April 2, 2020 – giving you the opportunity to not only virtually meet with our team, but also sign your launch deal in person if you will be at either Satellite 2020 in Washington, DC or the Space Symposium in Colorado Springs. After April 2, prices will increase.

We are offering CubeSat deployments up to 12U in size with a rail deployer system, manufactured by our partners Astrofein (Berlin). If you are interested in a tab-based deployer, we are able to customize that for your mission. If a MicroSat is what you are looking for – we have you covered up to 175 kilograms. 

Our Q4 2020 mission will fly to a sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) of 500 to 600 kilometers.

Nanoracks mission management team will take you all the way from contract signing to launch and deployment, working to ensure your mission success. Our team is the most trusted commercial satellite deployment mission management team in the world, having successfully managed over 250 individual satellites, ranging from 1U to ESPA-class – always with the customer in mind.

Our turnkey service includes the price for the deployers and end-to-end launch mission management.

From our External Payloads Manager, Henry Martin:

“SpaceX had made a major commitment to lower launches costs and it’s finally come to CubeSats. The lowest prices are now on an American launch vehicle with a stellar track record. We expect this to become a popular choice for customers looking for a domestic SSO capability running on a regular cadence. We’ve launched over 250 satellites to space across several launch vehicles, and we’re excited to expand our world-class service by adding the Falcon 9 to our portfolio.”

To contact our team about booking your rideshare mission, send us a note at

Q4 2020 not the right time for you? We’ll be on plenty of future missions, just send us a message and we’ll get started on your program.

To schedule a meeting at Satellite 2020 or Space Symposium regarding your rideshare mission, email

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