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mu Space signs first customer Zeta IOS among 7 partners for upcoming high throughput satellite

By SpaceRef Editor
September 10, 2019
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Satellite and space tech company mu Space announced today it has signed a contract with Malaysian telecom service provider Zeta IOS to provide broadband connectivity across Malaysia and Southeast Asia using mu Space’s own high throughput satellite, to be launched in 2022. 

The size and value of the contract is undisclosed. This marks the first time mu Space secured a customer to lease capacity for their upcoming satellite to be launched in the next 3 years. Zeta IOS is one of the seven regional partners that are expected to lease satellite capacity from mu Space.

Zeta IOS aims to enable satellite broadband solutions that are easy-to-install and offer widespread coverage. By contracting capacity on mu Space’s high throughput satellite, Zeta IOS will be improving the quality of life for Malaysia’s citizens by providing cost-effective and reliable broadband service to local businesses and homes alike.

 “At Zeta IOS, we make it our mission to deliver countrywide broadband connectivity to every location in Malaysia. As such, we’ve been looking for the best partners in the industry to ensure that we can provide broadband services at the right price point. With mu Space’s technical expertise and customer-oriented project management approach, we’re confident that we can deliver quality services to our clients,” said Azharuddin Alias, Zeta IOS’s CEO.

According to Malaysia’s 2018 survey on internet use, 87% of its 33 million population have access to internet. Recognizing the importance of internet in economic and social development, the Malaysian government has launched several initiatives, including the High Speed Broadband (HSBB) Project, with goals to close the gap in internet access between rural and urban areas and enhance internet penetration across Malaysia by upgrading telecommunication infrastructures to increase broadband speed.

“In rural areas, satellite is the ideal solution to use to enable broadband as it’s more cost-effective and quicker to deploy compared to terrestrial infrastructures,” said James Yenbamroong, CEO and founder of mu Space. “We’re pleased that Zeta IOS has selected mu Space as their partner of choice in bridging the gap in internet access in Malaysia. We’re excited to start this joint project that will empower Malaysian citizens through the use of satellite internet.”

According to mu Space’s plan, the company expects to launch in 2022 its own high throughput geostationary satellite to fill in the growing demand for satellite connectivity in smart cities, Internet of Things (IoT), in-flight connectivity and connected vehicles. The satellite is planned to deliver 40Gbps capacity and equipped with technologically advanced steerable beams focused over Asia-Pacific.

“The upcoming satellite will definitely open new business opportunities for us in the region. We’ll ensure that our service and price offerings are competitive in the market, and they meet the technology needs and performance expectations of our new partners,” added James.

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