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Moon Express Launches Public Education and Outreach Campaign “The Moon is Me”

By SpaceRef Editor
July 24, 2011
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Moon Express Launches Public Education and Outreach Campaign “The Moon is Me”

Moon Express, a Google Lunar X PRIZE contender, announced today that it has launched a public education and outreach campaign called “The Moon is Me”, designed to foster public awareness and support of lunar exploration as vital to life on Earth and a positive future for humanity. The “Moon is Me” campaign will use inspirational branding and social networking techniques to connect the common person to the Moon and why it is relevant to them and Earth’s future.

Choosing the occasion of the 42nd anniversary of Apollo 11 to herald a new era of space exploration, Moon Express founders predict a change in public perception about the Moon over the coming decade. “Every person has a vested interest in the exploration of the Moon for improving life on Earth,” said Moon Express Co-Founder and Chairman Naveen Jain. “I grew up in the Apollo era, when I felt the Moon was ‘them’. I want kids today to feel, ‘The Moon is Me!'”

Moon Express Co-Founder and CEO Dr. Robert (Bob) Richards sees “The Moon is Me” campaign as instigating a new social consciousness of the Moon as Earth’s partner in a two-world system. “The Moon likely evolved from the Earth and has certainly played an intimate role in the evolution of our planet and we humans as a species,” he said. “We need to connect the Moon and Earth in people’s minds. We want the new ME generation to have a social consciousness that embraces the Moon as an extension of themselves.”

Dr. Barney Pell, Moon Express Co-Founder, vice-chairman and Chief Technology Officer, is another highly successful internet entrepreneur who believes strongly in the need to appeal to people on an emotional level. “We want people to realize the very deep connection we all have with the Moon,” he explained. “It’s the most obvious frontier yet to be conquered in a way that can bring lasting benefits to everyone on Earth. We can all be a part of that.”

As part of the “Moon is Me” campaign, a celestial music composition has been written by Zach Perry for Moon Express. The composition song and video can be downloaded from the company’s website:

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