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Mobile Satellite Ventures’ New Patent Awarded For Hybrid Satellite-Terrestrial Service

By SpaceRef Editor
May 4, 2005
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Growing Breadth and Depth of MSV Hybrid System Patent Portfolio Unparalled

Mobile Satellite Ventures (MSV) announced today that it had been awarded its 5th hybrid satellite-terrestrial system patent, covering 34 claims. The award of this patent brings the total number of awarded claims for MSV originated ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) patents to approximately 650. In addition, as recently announced, MSV has added to its expansive developed holdings the entire patent portfolio of Celsat, one of the original developers of the hybrid satellite-terrestrial system concept. This latest patent issuance, together with the Celsat acquisition, accelerates MSV’s position as the leader in the forefront of ATC technology. “Early on, MSV recognized the criticality of developing ‘the best in class’ ATC patent portfolio,” stated Alexander H. Good, vice chairman and chief executive officer of MSV. “MSV has had a sharp focus on the development of the most efficient and effective means to implement each and every element of ATC. If it touches an ATC system, MSV has thought long and hard about that technology and has an intricate matrix of patents covering all those components. I am confident our portfolio eclipses that of all others, and now that our patents are being issued I don’t think there will be any doubt.”

The most recent patent – Systems and Methods for Handover Between Space Based and Terrestrial Radioterminal Communications, and for Monitoring Terrestrially Reused Satellite Frequencies at a Radioterminal to Reduce Potential Interference – describes ways of minimizing uplink interference from ATC terminals to a satellite by handing over communications from the ATC to the satellite. The patent also describes how satellite signals received at ATC terminals may be monitored to determine potential interference. “This patent sets the parameters for uplink interference-driven handover,” said Dr. Santanu Dutta, vice president systems engineering at MSV.

About Mobile Satellite Ventures

Mobile Satellite Ventures is developing the next generation hybrid wireless network that will use a powerful satellite constellation working in unison with MSV’s patented ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) technology to deliver seamless wireless services to end-users over standard wireless devices.

MSV is North America’s premier provider of mobile satellite communications. Delivering service since 1996, MSV offers customers a wide choice of wireless data, voice, fax and dispatch radio services via its two MSAT satellites. MSV provides superior capacity and reliability for customers across North America, northern South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Hawaii and in coastal waters.

The MSV investor group includes Motient Corporation (Pink Sheets: MNCP), SkyTerra Communications (OTC: SKYT), TMI Communications, Columbia Capital, and Spectrum Equity Investors

MSV has offices in Reston, Va., and Ottawa, On. For more information, visit MSV online at # # #

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