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MITRE to License Tool to Accelerate the Implementation of Satellite-Based Area Navigation –RNAV– Procedures

By SpaceRef Editor
August 10, 2001
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To accelerate the
implementation of satellite-based area navigation routes, The MITRE
Corporation’s Center for Advanced Aviation System Development
(MITRE/CAASD), at the request of the Federal Aviation Administration,
is making the Terminal Area Route Generation, Evaluation, and Traffic
Simulation (TARGETS) tool available for license. The implementation of
area navigation procedures is one of the top priorities in the
Operation Evolution Plan (OEP).

TARGETS is a terminal area navigation (RNAV) procedure
implementation tool that offers a unique combination of capabilities
for RNAV procedure and route design, flyability assessment, and ATC
service provider and operator evaluation and familiarization of these
procedures through simulation. It has been used to design and help
implement arrival and departure procedures at several airports in the
United States.

It is in the interest of the FAA and aviation users that
prototypes like TARGETS be transferred to industry for their use and
application. A series of Industry Days, sponsored by MITRE/CAASD and
the FAA are scheduled for August 15th and 29th, and September 12th of
2001 at The MITRE Corporation facility, located in McLean, Virginia.
The purpose is to provide information on TARGETS capabilities and
licensing arrangements. Interested parties should contact the MITRE
Technology Transfer Office (TTO) via e-mail at
More information on TARGETS can be found at:

MITRE is an independent, not-for-profit systems engineering firm
engaged in scientific and technical activities in the public interest.
The corporation manages Federally Funded Research and Development
Centers for the Department of Defense, the Federal Aviation
Administration and the Internal Revenue Service, and has corporate
offices in Bedford, Massachusetts and Northern Virginia.

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