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Missouri Students to Receive a Special Call From Space

By SpaceRef Editor
January 24, 2009
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PARNELL, Mo. — A little bit of the final frontier is coming to Missouri during a live in-flight education downlink from the International Space Station. On Tuesday, Jan. 27, from 10:05 a.m. to 10:25 a.m. CST, selected students from the Northeast Nodaway school district and Northwest Missouri State University will spend 20 minutes talking to Expedition 18 astronauts Mike Fincke and Sandy Magnus aboard the International Space Station. The event will be the first with a Missouri school in the eight-year history of education downlink opportunities.

Northeast Nodaway students have been preparing for the downlink by visiting the NASA Web site to learn about the station, Expedition 18 crewmembers, mission objectives and science experiments. The school is part of the NASA Explorer School project. The project offers a three-year partnership between NASA and school teams, consisting of teachers and education administrators from diverse communities across the country. Focusing on underserved populations, the project is designed for education communities at the fourth to ninth grade levels to help middle schools improve teaching and learning in science, technology, engineering and mathematics education.

The downlink is one in a series with educational organizations in the U.S. and abroad. It is an integral component of NASA’s Teaching from Space Office. Teaching from Space promotes learning opportunities and builds partnerships with the education community using the unique environment of human spaceflight.

The downlink will air live on NASA Television and be streamed on the NASA Web site at:

For information about NASA’s education programs, visit:

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