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Mission Accomplished! – Congratulations to SpaceX for Historic Success Opens New Door to the Future

By SpaceRef Editor
May 31, 2012
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The Texas Space Alliance proudly congratulates SpaceX and their partners at NASA for achieving a true first in the history of the space program over the past seven days. The successful launch on May 25, 2012 will forever mark entry into a brave new world, and the evolution of the private commercial space world into the workings of US and government space activities.

“With the subsequent successful capture and mating of the Dragon vehicle to the ISS, the U.S. once again leads the world in space, by showing how the commercial space world can be a reliable partner, beyond the traditional government contractor mold, to deliver goods and services in space that government paid efforts alone can no longer easily fund,” said Wayne Rast, TXA Policy Director. “Today’s successful reentry and return of the Dragon vehicle showcases SpaceX as a proven leader of this new industry.”

But the benefits to taxpayers and the public at large are much greater. With limited funds for government programs for the foreseeable future, routine operations can longer be the province of government only spending, else NASA and other government space programs will never have the funds available to do what government’s role should always be: to push the frontier in space, and spend limited funds to go boldly, explore, and discover. Except for the ISS and some unique satellites, government province in space should now routinely look out beyond LEO.

All this was made possible beginning today with SpaceX, and this new model for business. “It won’t end there, but it was a remarkable beginning, and we should be proud, especially those of us that have worked at NASA and its contractor community for many years,” said Rast. “This brave new world will likely also have its hiccups somewhere down the line. But all of us alive today can say that we were all there for the beginning. And what a beginning it was.”

“Thank you, SpaceX, from all of us here in Texas. The Texas Space Alliance looks forward to your remarkable success becoming routine success as quickly as possible, and to having you become an integral part of the state which owns so much human spaceflight knowledge,” said Bob Lancaster, TXA President.

The TXA also looks forward to building on the great work done by Gov. Perry and his team, helping SpaceX in their efforts to expand operations here with a commercial space launch facility. SpaceX and Texas; a pairing that destiny demands.

The Texas Space Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)(4) organization of Texans who are fighting for Texas to move urgently and decisively to become a Space State, home to a new space industry including manufacturing, research and space flight, with Texas as a center of space exploration and science for the world. For more information on this issue, the TXA, our Texas Space Plan, or to become a personal or corporate member, please see the Texas Space Alliance website –

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