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Military Space Contract Actions Announced by Pentagon During FY02 Ended Sept. 30 Totaled $4.2 Billion

By SpaceRef Editor
October 14, 2002
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Military Space unclassified contract actions announced by the Pentagon during FY02 ended Sept. 30 totaled $4.22
billion, up from $1.56 billion during FY01, a Teal Group analysis reveals.

These military space contract actions were awarded to 32 companies, 31
company subsidiaries and other organizations, including joint ventures.

The contract actions ranged widely in size. For example, as small as a
$10,000 increment awarded to ADC International for work on the Defense
Infomation Systems Agency’s International Maritime Satellite Network

Largest unclassified military space contract action during FY02 was $2.15
billion awarded to Lockheed Martin Space Systems for restructuring of the
Space Based Infrared Systems High component engineering, manufacturing and

Full details on FY02 military space contract actions will be on display at
the AIAA World Space Congress in Houston, Texas, October 14-19, 2002 in Teal
Group Exhibit Booth 404. The full details will also be published in Teal
Group’s “World Space Systems Briefing” service. For further info, go to and contact one of the three Teal sales

Also during the World Space Congress, Teal Group’s Senior Space Analyst
Marco Caceres will present his new “Worldwide Commercial Satellite Market
Forecast, 2003-2012.” The presentation will take place Friday, October 18, at
1600-1645, at the conclusion of the COSPAR & IAC Scientific/Technical
Sessions that begin at 1400. The new market forecast will also be published in
Teal Group’s monthly-updated “World Space Systems Briefing” service.

The Teal Group is an aerospace and defense consulting firm based in
Fairfax, Virginia, USA. It provides competitive market intelligence to
industry and government.

SpaceRef staff editor.