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Microsat Systems Awarded Aviation Week Product Breakthrough Award for its TACSAT-2 Satellite

By SpaceRef Editor
September 25, 2007
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MicroSat Systems, Inc. (MSI) has been awarded by Aviation Week as the Small Company Product Breakthrough Award Winner for it’s TacSat-2 Satellite.

Aviation Weeks directive for the award is to spot and laud excellence and innovation, with a special emphasis on small-tier and developmental/startup companies. Award submittals were based on some of the following product characteristics: The operational need for the product, customers requirements, the history & product overview, product strategy, risks, complexities, performance and schedule, current status of the product, and customer satisfaction

With its successful launch, TacSat-2 became the inaugural MSI spacecraft bus to be launched, the first responsive space demonstrator operated by the U.S. military, and the initial demonstration of a deployable thin-film solar array in space. “The judges at Aviation Week cited the viability of TacSat-2, particularly in light of the current military theater needs” as mentioned in the September 24th issue of Aviation Week, Page 86.

The award ceremony will be presented at the AW&ST’s A&D Program Conference in Phoenix on October 30, 2007, Todd Mosher, Director of MSI’s Advanced Programs will be accepting MicroSat’s award. “This is an incredible achievement for a small company like MicroSat Systems. The launch of TacSat-2 has place MicroSat Systems as a major player in the small satellite industry.” Says Mosher.

About TacSat-2

The TacSat-2 program was the first Air Force Research Laboratory’s (AFRL) flight demonstration program under the Operationally Responsive Space initiative featuring 11 onboard experiments. The successful December 16, 2006 launch of TacSat-2 demonstrated MicroSat System’s ability to provide a high performance small satellite for a very competitive price on a major responsive space program. MicroSat designed, built, and environmentally qualified the satellite bus with a 59% payload mass fraction and delivered the basic bus structure to AFRL in 12 months and built the primary solar arrays and the experimental thin-film solar arrays.

About MicroSat Systems, Inc. offers high performance microsatellites and spacecraft subsystems including; space power systems, advanced miniaturized avionics and lightweight composite structures, to government and commercial customers. MicroSat is currently building the Demonstration and Science Experiment (DSX) spacecraft for the Air Force and is also developing advanced spacecraft subsystems in thin-film solar arrays, plug and play avionics and lightweight structures.

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