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Metatron Capital Partners, LLC Announces its New Space Marketing Company, Metatron Media Partners

By SpaceRef Editor
July 27, 2020
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Metatron Capital, with the launch of Metatron Media Partners (MMP) is taking its business into space. The investment firm has announced a collaborative, all-star team of agency, marketing, investment, and operations experts built to identify and manage marketing opportunities across various global space exploration industries. MMP’s mission is to connect global brands to the next frontier: Space Discovery and Travel. 

MMP is a joint venture of Metatron Capital Partners, LLC (MCP), a venture capital firm based in Los Angeles, CA. MCP focuses on investing in early-stage space-tech startups on a global scale. Expansion plans include Seoul, Tel Aviv and Berlin.

MCP’s addition of a space marketing division complements the investing side of the business, and MCP can leverage relationships across all private and government space entities for commercial monetization opportunities.

Marc Feldman and Alex Gostomelsky are principals at Metatron Capital. Together, they recognized the opportunity to pair brand partnerships with international and U.S. space entities. Feldman stated, “The opportunity to help monetize space by partnering up with brands is critical to help offset the enormous costs associated with space travel and exploration.”

Gostomelsky added, “Through our network and expertise, we can fundraise and help the various space programs push payload, partnerships and business operation conversations forward.”

Metatron Media Partners lives at the unique intersection of space tech and consumer marketing and is committed to connecting the world’s top brands to highly innovative space companies to turbo-charge the business of space.

As commercialization and evolution of space initiatives continues at full force, with the help of private companies like SpaceX, there are unique sponsorship opportunities for brands that wish to associate with cutting edge space technology, space missions and the overall vision of space exploration.

Allan Finehirsh, co-head of Metatron Media Partners, stated, “Think of space as an entirely new marketing and media platform where the right brands can associate in innovative and purposeful ways by aligning with the new space frontier.” Co-head Rosenberg continued, “Lunar mining, cutting edge research and space industrialization are exciting areas for brands to align with. Think of it as product integration in space.”

MMP understands the importance of marketing and partnerships and has decades of experience driving that value. Joe Tani, Allan Finehirsh and Zach Rosenberg collectively bring 75+ years of combined experience working with world class brands across major industries managing and developing their creative, media, content, and promotional programs. Tani oversees the operation in Asia, based in Tokyo. Finehirsh and Rosenberg oversee the U.S. 
 This team will be leveraging its vast network and expertise to align brands with the appropriate space related companies and are already in discussions with an innovative space initiative based in Japan.

About Metatron Capital:

Metatron Capital Partners is a venture capital firm devoted to financing the new technologies that enable flight and develop the establishment of space and planetary based industries. Recent advances in space technologies, such as propulsion, hypersonic engines, nano-materials, robotics, AI, avionics, machine-vision, communications, cybersecurity, and remote sensors, have accelerated the convergence of traditional aerospace platforms/technologies with newer space platforms/technologies, while concurrently creating new opportunities in space and planetary resource industries. Metatron Capital invests in early-stage startups that are at the forefront of these technologies. Our mission is to empower and support founders to build the most disruptive technologies and platforms that will not only commercialize space, but also enhance life on earth in every way from pharmaceuticals to sneakers.

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