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Make America Great Again in Space Report Released by Potomac Institute

By SpaceRef Editor
January 11, 2018
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The Potomac Institute for Policy Studies is pleased to present a new report, Make America Great Again in Space. The report recommends bold new policy to ensure US leadership in space in the realms of commercial enterprise, defense, and intelligence.

Driving American Enterprise and National Security in Space

Make America Great Again in Space examines the essential role of the US Government in laying the foundations for enterprise and economic development, by investing in infrastructure and R&D. It outlines the history of the space industry of today and advocates for continued investment in infrastructure and research needed to support commercial development of space.

Every major nation on Earth, and many corporations and consortia, are making major investments in space infrastructure and R&D. The space economy is projected to be worth $1-4 trillion by 2040. It will take leadership to ensure that America is at the forefront of the growing space economy.

Make America Great Again in Space proposes a reorganization of the US national space program to ensure American leadership in this next space race. It includes a radical new vision for NASA as an enabler and driver of this economic boom.  Make America Great Again in Space declares that space will be a warfighting domain, and that the Department of Defense must begin preparing now.  It also draws parallels between the military’s historic role in supporting commercial enterprise by providing security, and the coming need for security in the growing space economy.  The report describes the need for intelligence capabilities to maintain awareness of activities in space to understand the intent of our adversaries, just as we do on Earth.

The contributors to the Make American Great Again in Space report include Michael Swetnam, Dr. Jerry Krassner, Kathryn Schiller Wurster, Luke Koslosky, Chloe Hite, Erica Turner, Dr. Sara Usher, and Dr. Derek Denning, with contributions and ideas from a wide range of experts. This report is the inaugural product of the Potomac Institute’s Center for Enterprise, Exploration, and Defense in Space (CEEDS), formed to develop strategy and policy for space.

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