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Magellan Aerospace Congratulates the Canadian Space Agency on the Successful Launch of the RADARSAT Constellation Mission

By SpaceRef Editor
June 12, 2019
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Magellan Aerospace Corporation (“Magellan”) congratulates the Canadian Space Agency (“CSA”) on the RADARSAT Constellation Mission (“RCM”) that was launched successfully today from Vandenberg, California aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket. The three identical RCM satellite buses were built by Magellan under subcontract to MDA, a Maxar Technologies company, the prime contractor for RCM.

Magellan’s fully redundant RCM satellite buses provide the on-orbit support infrastructure required for the functioning of the MDA C-band synthetic aperture radar payload. Some of the key bus elements include the Magellan Power Control Unit (PCU), a communications subsystem that receives commands and sends telemetry to the ground, a thermal system to maintain the required operating temperatures, an attitude and orbit determination and control system that keeps the satellite correctly oriented and positioned, and a propulsion system that maintains the orbit and the required groundtrack.

Also aboard the three RCM buses are Magellan Control and Data Handling (C&DH) units that function as the on-board computer.  The C&DH units include Magellan-developed software that sequences and executes spacecraft operations as well as autonomous on-orbit failure detection and isolation for the 90% of the time when satellites are not in contact with a ground station. 

The Magellan PCU and subsystems from the C&DH units were also selected and delivered to another international customer for an upcoming interplanetary mission. This Canadian export success was achieved as a direct result of the Government of Canada’s investments in technologies for the RADARSAT Constellation Mission.

“It is fitting that the successful RCM launch coincides with the the 60th anniversary of the inaugural launch of the Black Brant 1, the first all-Canadian sounding rocket, in 1959,” said Mr. Haydn Martin , Magellan’s Vice President, Business Development, Marketing and Contracts. “Magellan congratulates CSA and MDA on the RCM launch and is proud to contribute to the ongoing success of Canada’s space program.”

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