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Magellan Aerospace-Built MAC-200 Bus Celebrates One-Year in Space on CASSIOPE Mission

By SpaceRef Editor
October 6, 2014
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agellan Aerospace is proud to celebrate the first anniversary of its MAC-200 Bus on the Cascade SmallSat and IOnospheric Polar Explorer (CASSIOPE) mission in space.  The mission has been developed and implemented by Canadian industry led by MacDonald , Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA), as prime contractor, with important contributions from the Canadian industry team, which includes Magellan Aerospace. The mission launched on 29 September 2013 , carrying eight science instruments, collectively named e-Pop (Enhanced Polar Outflow Probe) as well as a second payload for advanced telecommunications technology demonstration (termed Cascade).  The two payloads were assembled into Magellan’s MAC-200 satellite bus and have been operating in space for one year.

Mr. James S. Butyniec , CEO of Magellan Aerospace said, “The anniversary of the CASSIOPE  is a great accomplishment that we celebrate with the Canadian Space Agency, MacDonald , Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (MDA), and all of the Canadian industrial contributors and scientists who contribute to advancing Canada’s space technology capabilities.  Congratulations also to the Institute of Space Imaging at the University of Calgary , the user and mission operator of the e-Pop payload.  For the last year e-Pop has been collecting data on space storms and their potential impacts on radio communications, GPS navigation, and other space-based technologies.”  He continued, “Magellan is very proud of the accomplishments of the team in our space business who contributed to establishing a world-class Centre of Excellence for Rockets and Space, including the design and development of satellite buses, and assembly, integration and test.”

The CASSIOPE satellite bus was designed and built in Magellan Aerospace, Winnipeg.  Magellan then supported both the integration and test of the e-Pop and Cascade payloads in Winnipeg and the spacecraft level testing at the David Florida Laboratory (DFL) in Ottawa, ON under contract to MDA.

The spacecraft was launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California on a Falcon-9 rocket. 

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Magellan Aerospace is a global, integrated aerospace company that provides complex assemblies and systems solutions to aircraft and engine manufacturers, and defense and space agencies worldwide. Magellan designs, engineers, and manufactures aeroengine and aerostructure assemblies and components for aerospace markets, advanced products for military and space markets, industrial power generation, and specialty products. Magellan is a public company whose shares trade on the Toronto Stock Exchange (MAL.TO), with operating units throughout Canada , the United States , the United Kingdom , India , and 


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