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Lunar Commercial Communications Enabled by the ILO – Users and Applications Workshop

By SpaceRef Editor
January 9, 2007
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January 9, 2007 Dear Communications / Space Professional:

You are invited to register for this important workshop which examines an entrepreneurial approach to communications from the Moon, which will be enabled by the International Lunar Observatory. Plans by NASA and the space agencies of numerous other nations anticipate a permanent lunar presence, perhaps like the research presence in Antarctica. Communications will be one of the first commercially viable endeavors in support of an off-Earth presence.


Welcome to Participants – Presentation on the Commercial Aspects of a Return to the Moon and Partnering to Bolster Permanency for a Return to the Moon: NASA / Entrepreneurs; Public Agencies / Entrepreneurs / International Partners – Dan Rasky, The Space Portal

Luncheon Presentation: Why Entrepreneurship is Vital to a Sustained Presence on the Lunar Surface – Rick Tumlinson, Space Frontier Foundation Roundtable Discussion: Potential Users of Lunar-based Communications

• Users on Earth: Research, tourism, trends and specialty uses

• Users on the Moon: NASA; early lunar business concerns; Research

• Users in Deep Space: can the Moon serve as a node?

• Value Added Products and Applications – Dan Coughlin (Marketing / Tourism Perspective), Andy Turner, LORAL

Publishing / Advertising / Broadcasting from the lunar surface – How can an international effort be a “win – win” situation? Shorten timelines, increase potential customers, possibilities for worldwide emergency communications – Steve Durst, Space Age Publishing Corporation / Lunar Enterprise Corporation, Jim Benson, SpaceDev

Summary Conclusions / Going Forward

Date: Friday, 19 January 2007, 9:30 – 4:00, lunch included Location: Santa Clara Hilton – Registration: $325 To register, contact or call 650-324-3182.

Space Frontier Foundation

SpaceRef staff editor.