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Leopard will enhance decision-making for a range of space applications

By SpaceRef Editor
September 22, 2020
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Global Spatial Technology Solutions (“GSTS”) an Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Maritime Analytics company announced that it had been selected by the Canadian Space Agency (CSA) to develop space-based AI capability to support enhanced decision-making for a range of space applications focused on tasks using computer vision (such as would be used by exploration landers, rovers, robotics or Earth observation systems). This project is funded under the CSA’s Space Technology Development Program. A part of the project will be a newly developed data processing unit “Leopard” made by Polish new space company KP Labs.

“On-board data processing is a game-changer and we are happy to support companies in reaching this goal. I believe that AI technologies will pave the way for space exploration, where autonomy will allow humans to deal with the increasing complexity of scenarios and mysterious worlds to discover” said Michał Zachara, COO at KP Labs. More details in an attached press release.
One of the KPLabs’ projects is Intuition-1 a satellite with a high-performance computing unit for processing hyperspectral images in orbit. The Leopard supercomputer on-board the Intuition-1 will enable for segmentation and classification of hyperspectral imagery right in Earth’s orbit. It will be the first such solution of its kind.
For further information: Katarzyna Lipka, KP Labs, email: [email protected], Jarosław Kacprzak PR Manager [email protected], mobile: +48 501 361 021.

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