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Learn more about how spacecraft operate: new spacecraft operations website online

By SpaceRef Editor
September 11, 2004
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Learn more about how spacecraft operate: new spacecraft operations website online

Have you ever wanted to be a space engineer, or at least see how space engineers work; or be present in the mission control room during a satellite launch? Well now you can – at least virtually – by visiting the new spacecraft operations website that goes online today.

The new operations site offers journalists, students and anyone curious about space a significantly upgraded window into the spaceflight control activities centred at ESA’s European Space Operations Centre (ESOC), located in Darmstadt, Germany.

The site also provides a wealth of information on the global network of ground control stations plugged into ESOC as well as in-depth background articles on past and present missions flown by ESA or contracting agencies.

Online visitors will also find extensive information on how missions are planned, how satellites are controlled during multimillion-kilometre journeys to other worlds, how scientific and other data is received and retransmitted for on-ground analysis as well information on the facilities and specialist staff based at ESOC.

The site will be updated regularly with significant input from the engineers, scientists, flight controllers and the support staff who work on satellite missions around the clock, making ESOC’s various control rooms a lively hub of spaceflight activity anytime of the day or night.

As well as the new Spacecraft Operations site, ESOC’s home page has also been given a new look. It will now be much easier to find news on current activities and events related to mission operations, as well as information on contacting ESOC and participating in a public tour of ESOC’s facilities.

SpaceRef staff editor.