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Launch of the Intelsat-9 SC of the Loral company by the Proton LV may not take place.

By SpaceRef Editor
March 11, 2002
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Khrunichev GK NPTs can not pay the debts! The launch of Intelsat-9 SC which
was planned to be delivered to geosynchronous orbit by the Proton LV and the
fourth stage of block DM by March 29, 2002 may not occur.

Block DM designed by S.P. Korolev RSC Energia has already been used for over
35 years with the Proton LV to launch all satellites to geosynchronous
orbit. Fueling of block DM with propellants was scheduled for March 16, this
year, in order to support launch of Intelsat-9 SC to the orbit no later then
March 29, 2002.

Though due to the debt for supplied DMs is not paid off by M.V. Khrunichev
GK NPTs, Designer General of S.P. Korolev RSC Energia has not approved
fueling operations until the debt is paid.

Launch of Intelsat-9 SC, Loral, currently remains in question.

SpaceRef staff editor.