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Lance Bass, First Entertainer and Youngest Person Plans to Travel Into Space

By SpaceRef Editor
February 20, 2002
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Member of the pop sensation *NSYNC, is making plans be the first private citizen to be placed on any space flight which will be filmed for television.

Los Angeles, February 20; Lance Bass is in negotiations to enter into Earth’s Orbit aboard a new Soyuz rocket. Lance’s mission into Space will be sponsored by Destiny Productions along with major International corporate sponsors and International Television Networks. Training would begin in May 2002 when Lance would need to travel to Star City, Russia, outside of Moscow. Lance’s fascination with space began at the young age of 12 when he attended Space Camp near Titusville, Florida. “I am completely overwhelmed at the invitation. I’m looking forward to completing this lifelong dream. I am honored and privileged to represent my country in this history-making mission,” says Bass.

The extensive preparation involves five-to-six months of intensive training. From simulated flight activities to oxygen depravation, and every imaginable emergency situation which could arise during the flight, this training will have Bass ready for lift-off by early November. Bass will be secured in a high-tech military training facility while completing his training.

Destiny Productions a West Los Angeles Production Company in Association with The William Morris Agency, Beverly Hills will develop a television special focusing on the Space Flight and in connection with Bass will be filmed for the production of “Celebrity Mission: Lance Bass.” “I am excited that someone with the appeal of Lance and passion Lance and I share for space are joining forces with our friends in Russia for the realization of this dream. It is one of the first opportunities to show the united front of Russia and the United States working together for a “Peaceful Space.” We literally have sponsors and television lining up to participate in the making of this historical event,” says David Krieff, President of Destiny.

As a member of the pop sensation *NSYNC, Lance burst upon the music charts in 1998 with their 10 million selling record debut, “*NSYNC” and built a huge following overseas before solidifying their place in music history with the 2000 release of “No Strings Attached,” which sold an astounding 2.4 million copies in its first week of release. In addition, the group is currently promoting their multi-platinum CD, “Celebrity.” Known as the business-minded member of *NSYNC, Bass formed a film production company called A Happy Place. Recently, he produced and starred in the Miramax romantic comedy, “On The Line.” While continuing his career in film and television, Lance has also begun Free Lance Entertainment, his own management company to house and guide up-and-coming music artists.

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