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Kleos’ Scouting Mission satellites enter Final Acceptance Review after successful Integration Test Review milestone

By SpaceRef Editor
April 8, 2019
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Kleos Space S.A. (ASX: KSS, Frankfurt: KS1), space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance data provider, confirms its Scouting Mission satellites have progressed to the Final Acceptance Review phase after successfully passing the Integration Test Review milestone with Gomspace A/S.

During the Integration test review Kleos critically assessed system documentation, interface control documentation, Radio Frequency (RF) subsystems, budgets, verification planning, satellite transport, acceptance test procedures, RF test procedures, downlink testing, geolocation payload verification and end-to-end test procedures.

Kleos’ satellites are being built by nanosatellite specialist GomSpace A/S, a subsidiary of GomSpace AB (SS: GOMX), a European-based Nasdaq-listed global aerospace construction partner.

The latest milestone confirms Kleos is on track to launch its initial Scouting Mission satellites on a Rocket Lab Electron rocket from New Zealand by the end of the second quarter of 2019. Upon completion of the last main milestone before launch, Final Acceptance Review, due in late May, Kleos’ satellites will be integrated into Rocket Lab’s in-house designed and built Maxwell dispensers for deployment to low Earth orbit.

The multi-satellite Scouting Mission system will form the cornerstone of a constellation that delivers a global picture of hidden maritime activity, enhancing the intelligence capability of government and commercial entities when AIS (Automatic Identification System) is defeated, imagery unclear and targets out of patrol range.

Kleos’ independent activity-based intelligence, geolocation Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) will enable governments to detect and locate activity such as drug and people smuggling, illegal fishing and piracy, and identify those needing search and rescue at sea. Andy Bowyer, CEO of Kleos Space said: “Kleos continues to achieve important design milestones on schedule and in line with the launch of our first satellite constellation in June. GomSpace’s nanosatellite expertise has met and exceeded our expectations. We are focused on completing the final review phase on schedule.”

“Kleos will be on the path to commercialisation with the launch of our Scouting Mission satellites, generating revenue immediately following the successful collection of data. Our Scouting Mission satellites will provide daily intelligence geolocation data-as-a-service while our larger constellation will provide near-real time updates.”

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