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Kleos Co-founder Miles Ashcroft appointed Chief Innovation Officer to lead research & product innovation

By SpaceRef Editor
July 5, 2021
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Kleos Space S.A (ASX:KSS, Frankfurt:KS1), a space-powered Radio Frequency Reconnaissance
data-as-a-service (DaaS) company, has appointed co-founder Miles Ashcroft to the role of
Chief Innovation Officer to overseee the company’s research and innovation activity.

Mr Ashcroft’s appointment to the newly created role follows the launch of Kleos’ Scouting
Mission satellites (KSM1) in November 2020, the launch of its Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1)
satellites in July 2021, and the development of the third cluster scheduled to launch later this
year (KSF2).

Kleos CEO Andy Bowyer said, “We are committed to investing in new technology
developments to meet customers evolving needs and Miles’ new role brings a focus to this
approach. The forward-looking role aims to broaden our R&D and innovation roadmap and
be fully integrated with and enhance our business development strategy.”

Commenting on his new role, Chief Innovation Officer Miles Ashcroft said, “Kleos has
reached a significant technical milestone with an increasing number of space-based assets for
detection and geolocation of radio frequency transmissions. Initial data is with customers for
assessment and implementation of the data interface and delivery infrastructure is being
developed to support our growing subscriber numbers over the coming months”.

To continue to meet the demands of our governmental and commercial customers, it is
essential that Kleos increases its commitment to product innovation. The intelligence,
surveillance, and reconnaissance data being collected now can be developed and refined, and
in future Kleos will consider additional data types. Varying collection parameters and ground
segment modifications will improve precision, content, and latency – all factors that will
benefit end customers and data integrators.

Miles Ashcroft adds: “I’m very excited by the new role, which requires a holistic approach that
takes into account satellite and data product diversity, new software methods and algorithms,
data intelligence provision capability, and Kleos’ constellation use and satellite cluster

Kleos’ US-based Technical Director, Vincent (Vinny) Furia, has been promoted to Chief
Technology Officer, effective concurrently.

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Kleos Space S.A.

Andy Bowyer
Managing Director
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Kleos is a space-enabled radio frequency reconnaissance data-as-a-service company with
operations in Luxembourg, the US and UK. Kleos locates radio transmissions in key areas of
interest around the globe, efficiently uncovering data points to expose human activity on land
and sea. Using clusters of four satellites, proprietary radio frequency data (RF Data) is
collected, transmitted to the ground, processed, and delivered to customers worldwide.
Customers, including analytics and intelligence entities, will license data on a subscription
basis (Data-as-a-Service aka DaaS), for government and commercial use cases – aiding better
and faster decision making. Kleos’ first satellite cluster, the Kleos Scouting Mission (KSM),
successfully launched in November 2020 is performing as a test and technology
demonstration whilst collecting data. The company’s second satellite cluster, the Polar
Vigilance Mission, successfully launched in June 2021 and its Polar Patrol Mission is scheduled
to launch in late 2021. These satellite clusters form the foundation of a global high-capacity
constellation of up to 20 satellite clusters, which will deliver high value global observation.
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Kleos Missions Underway

Scouting Mission (KSM1)
Polar Vigilance Mission (KSF1)
Polar Patrol Mission (KSF2)

Launched November 2020
Launched June 2021
Scheduled launch late 2021 

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