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Kaminski: NextGen Will Boost Environmental Efforts

By SpaceRef Editor
September 12, 2008
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Arlington, Va. – Making aviation more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly bolsters the need to develop the NextGen air transportation system as quickly as possible, Paul Kaminski told a congressional panel Thursday.

Kaminski, AIA’s representative to the NextGen Management Council, said the environmental benefits join the requirements of ever-increasing numbers of air passengers and should prompt officials to give the initiative as much support as possible. He noted that the FAA is modeling fuel burn and noise with aircraft operations, which will help quantify the significant energy and environment benefits of NextGen.

“NextGen promises dramatic increases in efficiency and reduction in carbon emissions,” Kaminski said to the House Committee on Science and Technology. “When you add this to capacity, safety and other gains, it is clear we can’t afford to give NextGen anything less than full support.”

Kaminski spoke during a hearing exploring the status of NextGen development and implementation. In his role as the AIA’s council representative, Kaminski provides industry input into the initiative through the Joint Program and Development Office.

NextGen is an advanced, satellite-based system that will employ cutting edge technology to totally transform air travel in the United States. It will replace the current air traffic control system, which is based on outdated architecture and technology developed during the World War II era.

A former under secretary of defense for Acquisition and Technology, Kaminski has had a decades-long career involving large program implementation and application of advanced technology, including the development and fielding of the F-117 program. He said many lessons learned during that experience could be applied to NextGen to accelerate development and allow continuous technology enhancements in the future.

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