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Judy Perl Cruises Selected by Virgin Galactic to Become Accredited Space Agent

By SpaceRef Editor
December 14, 2006
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Judy Perl Cruises Selected by Virgin Galactic to Become Accredited Space Agent

“Fly me to the moon” is no longer a romantic notion, it’s a request that Judy Perl Cruises can now provide as part of the company’s expanded luxury and adventure travel portfolio. Today Virgin Galactic proudly announced that Judy Perl Cruises has been selected to become an “Accredited Space Agent” — one of the first and only consultants in North America allowed to reserve seats aboard Virgin Galactic’s suborbital space flights. Only an elite group of 45 consultants in the United States have been selected for this unique accreditation process.

“Given the interest and caliber of the applicants, limiting the program to 45 participants was our greatest challenge,” said Carolyn Wincer, Head of Astronaut Sales for Virgin Galactic. “With over 20 years of experience and an exceptional reputation, Judy Perl Cruises, a Virtuoso member, embodies the adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit needed to represent Virgin Galactic.”

Judy Perl Cruises will begin a comprehensive education program in early 2007, and once receiving the “Accredited Space Agent” designation the company can begin reserving seats, with the first flights launching in late 2008. “Travel is about making dreams a reality and for many, going into space is the final frontier. It is so amazing that people will now have an opportunity to travel that is quite literally out of this world!” says Judy Perl, President and CEO of Judy Perl Cruises. “I am very excited to be part of this incredible offering, and to have been recognized as an innovator in the life experience business.”

To date, the world has seen fewer than 500 astronauts, but with the launch of Virgin Galactic spaceflights that will soon change. Together with Virgin Galactic, Judy Perl Cruises is poised to turn the dream of going to space into a reality for its clientele. The once-in-a-lifetime experience includes Astronaut training, “G force” acclimatization and a sensational spaceflight lasting over two hours. At $200,000 per ticket, Virgin Galactic’s flights are a mere fraction of the $20 million price tag associated with other commercial space tourism. And while Virgin Galactic’s technology makes space travel more attainable for the general public, it takes a talented and skilled luxury travel consultant to sell a trip to space.

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