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Join Europe’s space conversation

By SpaceRef Editor
October 16, 2012
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Join Europe’s space conversation

Think you know how space affects you each day? You might – but you might not. Explore Down2Earth, ESA’s new online challenge, and join Europe’s space conversation. It’s a crucial discussion and your voice is welcome.

Using a series of intriguing questions, ESA’s new Down2Earth website presents 20 challenging questions illustrating how space benefits us daily right here on planet Earth. Down2Earth provides surprising answers showing how space technology and applications, knowhow and research – ‘rocket science’ – help to boost our quality of life, reduce pollution, increase economic opportunity or improve public health, among many more.

The web challenge also provides direct access to a lively social media discussion, where you are all welcome – indeed, urged – to add your voice on all aspects of our shared future in space. ESA experts, scientists, astronauts and members of the public can interact via Facebook and Twitter to discuss the often hidden effects space has on citizen’s lives.

“Down2Earth aims to help people everywhere understand and be involved in space,” says Fernando Doblas, ESA’s Head of Communication.

“The site is an important step for the space discussion in Europe. It’s the first time we’ve asked citizens to enter into a conversation with us aiming to better understand the present and glimpse the future.”

Down2Earth is live now and reachable throughout ESA’s online channels. If deemed successful, it will be further expanded to other examples.

Join Europe’s space conversation. We want to hear from you!

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