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John McCain: Statement on World Space Week

By SpaceRef Editor
October 9, 2008
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John McCain: Statement on World Space Week

The following information was released by campaign office of Senator John McCain:

“This week marks World Space Week. Celebrated across the US and in over 50 nations, World Space Week is another great example of international cooperation for a common cause. Its goal is to inspire the workforce of tomorrow and educate the public about space. Participants include NASA, aerospace companies, planetariums, museums, schools, and others around the world.

“I’m glad to see this annual public and student focus on space. Indeed, for Americans to excel in the world marketplace, our young people must excel in math, science and engineering. The U.S. government and commercial space sector provides many opportunities for students with an exciting and long-term vision for the future by developing the technologies that will take us beyond low-Earth orbit.

“The United States has always been a nation of explorers and will continue to be, if I am elected your next President. Because of this national commitment to exploration and our desires to further our knowledge of the world we live in, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of NASA this year.

“At the same time, space is a great tool to promote peace and international cooperation. Therefore, we must explore all options to complete and fully utilize one of the great achievements of mankind, the International Space Station National Laboratory. It represents a tremendous investment of public funds and should not be put at risk by cutting funding for NASA programs as my opponent in this election had previously proposed. This may be his definition of change, but it is not the type of change that the nation or the world needs. I’m pleased to see so many nations cooperate on the annual World Space Week.

“The theme for World Space Week 2008 is ‘Exploring the Universe.’ By exploring our next frontier, space activities push back the boundaries of scientific knowledge. Space also has direct impact on daily lives, from daily communications, to predicting the daily weather, to understanding and protecting the Earth’s environment, to responding to natural disasters.

“On the occasion of World Space Week, I salute our nation’s proud space sector and as President will ensure that America continues its leadership in space.”

SpaceRef staff editor.