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Jen Rae Wang Resigns As NASA Associate Administrator of the Office of Communications

By SpaceRef Editor
May 7, 2018
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Resignation of Jen Rae Wang
Hey Team,
I just wanted to let you know that Jen Rae Wang has resigned her position as associate administrator of the Office of Communications. I want to thank Jen Rae for the hard work she put into leading the office during this extended transition time.
In the interim, I’ve asked Bob Jacobs to pick up duties as acting associate administrator as our search for a successor begins. Bob is no stranger to this role,  and I’m confident we will be able to advance the important work underway in Communications as we look for a new associate administrator. Please give Bob your full support.           
We’re building a dynamic and motivated leadership team to help support the amazing work you do every day! Thank you for your service and your commitment to pushing new frontiers in exploration and discovery.
Jim Bridenstine

SpaceRef staff editor.