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Jeff Greason Joins the Kepler Space Institute Faculty

By SpaceRef Editor
April 19, 2020
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The Kepler Space Institute is proud to announce the addition of Mr. Jeff Greason to our faculty team.  Mr. Greason, well known as an innovating technologist and experienced space industry entrepreneur, brings a vast, overarching knowledge of spaceflight dynamics, technology and business to KSI, as well as deep philosophical insights of humanity’s place in the cosmos.  He will be teaching KSI’s new course, EXP 502: Advanced Exploration Systems, which will present an in-depth look at how we will come to better understand the solar system and beyond, and is directly relevant to current space industry development.

On joining the Kepler Space Institute team, Mr. Greason says:

“I’ve had some unique opportunities in my career to study the full spectrum of space propulsion concepts, from the familiar to the exotic, and I’m excited by the chance to share that with the students at Kepler, and perhaps we will discover new things together.”

SpaceRef staff editor.