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ISRO Institutes Prof Satish Dhawan Distinguished Professorship

By SpaceRef Editor
February 13, 2002
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ISRO has instituted the Prof Satish Dhawan Distinguished Professorship in memory of Prof Satish Dhawan, former Chairman, ISRO, (passed away in Bangalore on January 3, 2002). Prof Dhawan’s stewardship of ISRO was distinguished by his keen sensitivity to the true needs of a developing nation, a confident appreciation of the ability of ISRO’s scientists and engineers, and the involvement of Indian industry, both public and private.

Prof Satish Dhawan was a great teacher, researcher, engineer, technologist, manager, adviser and leader. In each of these roles, he attached a high level of dedication, breadth of vision, meticulousness and, above all, humanity which, combined with his extraordinary scientific and technological abilities, transformed these organisations, achieving results beyond their normal potential. It is to promote the values for which Prof Satish Dhawan stood for and to advance scientific and technological research, which were dear to Prof Dhawan, that ISRO has instituted the Distinguished Professorship in his memory.

Dr George Joseph, former Director of Space Applications Centre, Ahmedabad, is the first to be awarded the Prof Satish Dhawan Distinguished Professorship. During the tenure of this professorship, Dr George Joseph will work for furthering the use of space technology in hitherto unexplored areas of applications.

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