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International Space Agency Expedition 20/21

By SpaceRef Editor
May 21, 2009
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International Space Agency Expedition 20/21
Russian Soyuz Vehicle Set to Launch with Canadian Astronaut Robert Thirsk aboard

On May 27th, Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Bob Thirsk will launch on a Russian Soyuz spacecraft from Baikonur, Kazakhstan to begin an historic long-duration spaceflight as a member of the first six-person crew aboard the International Space Station.

The Canadian Space Agency in collaboration with NASA and ESA will be providing broadcast organisations with video captured in the lead-up to the launch and a live feed from Baikonur on launch day.

The pre-feeds will contain highlights of Bob Thirk’s intensive training and certification at the Gagarin Space Training Centre at Star City in Moscow and official ceremonies on departure for Baikonur. Other highlights will detail the preparations for launch including the integration and roll out of the Soyuz space craft and launch vehicle to the launch pad, medical and flight suit checkout of the astronauts, the State Commission review ceremony, departure of the crew to the launch pad and entry in the spacecraft.

The live feed on launch day will begin 60 minutes before launch and will contains replays of the highlight packages, the launch and a multi-camera replay following the launch. English and international sound will be available on separate tracks. Media attending the launch program at CSA headquarters will have access to this feed and to spokespersons in both official languages.

Technical Information and Schedule:

May 15, 2009 Gagarin Space Centre/Moscow

May 25, 2009 (L-2) Arrival Baikonur & pre-launch preparations

May 26, 2009 (L-1) Pre-launch preparations, roll-out & ceremonies package

May 27, 2009 (L-0) 04:30–07:15 EDT Live Feed: Highlights, Launch & Replay

Satellite: G17/K19 SLOT D; D/L

Freq.: 12093.5 H,

Symbol Rate 5.632, FEC 3/4.

Encoder TANDBERG MPEG II / DVB 4:2:0

This live launch feed will also be available on Star Choice CH 993, for more information contact BTV well in advance of launch day.

For technical enquiries please contact:

Gregory Viger Daniel Ladurantaye

SpaceRef staff editor.