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Initial AIA Reactions to President’s Budget Request

By SpaceRef Editor
February 12, 2018
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The President’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget proposal is the vital first step to preserve our nation’s security, underwrite its economic growth, and create high-skill, high-wage jobs across America. The U.S. aerospace and defense industry has a broad array of interests in the budget, either important investments included, or programs and priorities underfunded or omitted:

AIA Vice President for National Security Policy John Luddy: “The President has requested $716 billion for the Department of Defense and nuclear weapons programs in FY19, marking a dramatic positive change in national security investment. While the President’s FY19 budget request is a good first step, what’s needed for the foreseeable future is at least five percent real annual topline growth – provided on time – so that both DOD and industry can most efficiently produce the forces we need to meet our national defense strategy.”

AIA Vice President for Civil Aviation David Silver: “The President’s FAA budget request is two percent below the FY17 enacted level, which would cut a number of important modernization programs that aviation users need. For instance, the NextGen modernization program represents the future of the nation’s aviation infrastructure. Yet the FY19 budget requests $952 million, an amount far below what is required for success and even below the FY17 enacted level of $1.1 billion. The request also cuts important FAA research activities. Especially with increased resources from the recent budget agreement, Congress should reject these reductions.”

Additional AIA expert analysis on the FY19 budget proposal, including perspectives on trade policy and space systems, will be released in the days and weeks ahead. Please contact AIA for additional insights from these and other experts.

SpaceRef staff editor.