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Infinity Aerospace’s Ardulab Makes Building & Launching Space-Certifiable Hardware As Easy As Baking Cookies

By SpaceRef Editor
July 25, 2014
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Silicon Valley, CA – Today Infinity Aerospace announced the complete open-sourcing of Ardulab, the Arduino powered platform for building and launching simple experiments to the International Space Station. Previously costing space researchers, students, and experimenters between $2,000 – $3,500 per kit, anyone can now build and launch an off-the-shelf space-certifiable experiment, with the only costs being building their equipment and launching it.

When it was originally conceived back in 2012, the fundamental idea behind Ardulab was to give as many people as possible the tools and information they need to be successful in space. Making Ardulab a completely open-source platform allows for all of the intellectual property to be used to its full extent. The Ardulab is a plug-n-play electronics platform with all of the necessary features and interfaces for use on the International Space Station. The Ardulab has been used to create and perform experiments by elementary school students and NASA-JPL researchers alike.

“Open sourcing the hardware and software is only part of this, we’re also going to share all of the information and resources we’ve collected as a company going through this process over the past couple of years-what works and what doesn’t,” said Brian Rieger, Co-Founder & Engineer. He continued, “We hope to build towards an ecosystem much like Arduino where people collaborate and share around a common platform to help each other achieve their respective goals in space.” 

Infinity Aerospace has the same ideals and goals as Space Frontier Foundation does, which is to make space accessible to the widest and most diverse audience possible,” said James Pura, President & Director of Space Frontier Foundation. “In this respect, we are proud to support them in this endeavor and excited to see how people use this technology and information to benefit their space endeavors.”

Space Frontier Foundation and Infinity Aerospace believe that space settlement will only be achieved when space is cheap and widely accessible to everyone, and this is one huge step in the right direction. 


SpaceRef staff editor.