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Imation Honored by United Space Alliance as Critical Supplier to U.S. Space Program

By SpaceRef Editor
May 3, 2004
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Imation Corp.
a worldwide leader in removable data storage media, today announced it has
been selected by the United Space Alliance (USA) to receive the Space Flight
Awareness (SFA) Supplier Award of Distinction. Imation has been recognized as
a critical supplier to the Space Shuttle and International Space Station
Programs in part for its work in the cleaning and stabilization of the
magnetic instrumentation tape recovered from the space shuttle Columbia.
Imation is one of 125 companies represented as critical suppliers to NASA’s
Human Space Flight Program. The recognition event will be held at the Kennedy
Space Center, during the week of May 3.

“It is an honor for Imation to be recognized as a vital supplier to the
United Space Alliance and the U.S. space program. As the only U.S.-based
manufacturer of removable data storage media, we are pleased that our
experience and expertise could be of assistance in the Columbia
investigation,” said Frank Russomanno, Imation’s Executive Vice President and
Chief Operating Officer. “From our origins as 3M’s Data Storage Division to
today, Imation has a long history as a supplier and consultant to the U.S.
government; and with our continued role and leadership in the National Media
Laboratory, we hope to continue our efforts and work with the U.S. Space
Program in the future.”

In March 2003, Imation provided assistance to the National Aeronautics and
Space Administration (NASA) with the cleaning and stabilization of the
magnetic tape recovered from the space shuttle Columbia’s Orbiter Experiment
Support System (OEX). Imation worked closely with NASA and the Columbia
Accident Investigation Board to recover and analyze the data stored on the
OEX, and has provided continued consultation on tape and data storage
technology to the agency.

Imation has been a worldwide leader in magnetic tape technology for more
than 50 years, since the introduction of the first data storage tape in 1953.
With a R&D facility in the United States focused solely on removable data
storage media, Imation has established itself as a trusted consultant, partner
and supplier of magnetic tape and disaster recovery for not only large
companies, but large government entities protecting sensitive and vital data.

Since Imation’s inception in 1996, the company has invested more than
$660 million in research and development and capital in its storage removable
data media business to strengthen its core manufacturing and technology
capabilities in optical and magnetic media. Today, Imation continues to be the
leader of removable data storage media, offering the broadest product
portfolio in the industry, from computers, consumer electronics and small
businesses to products for servers, storage networks and enterprise systems.

About United Space Alliance

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, United Space Alliance (USA) is one of the
world’s leading space operations companies. Established in 1996 as a Limited
Liability Company (LLC), USA is equally owned by The Boeing Company
and Lockheed Martin Corporation and employs people in Texas,
Florida, Alabama, California and Washington, D.C.

USA manages and conducts space operations work involving the operation and
maintenance of multi-purpose space systems, including systems associated with
NASA’s human space flight program, Space Shuttle applications beyond those of
NASA, and other reusable launch and orbital systems beyond the Space Shuttle
and Space Station. As the prime contractor for NASA’s Space Shuttle Program,
United Space Alliance is responsible for the day-to-day operation and
management of the U.S. Space Shuttle fleet.

About Imation

Imation Corp. is a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of
magnetic and optical removable data storage media. With one of the broadest
product lines in the industry — spanning from a few megabytes to hundreds of
gigabytes of capacity in each piece of media, Imation serves customers in more
than 100 countries, in both business and consumer markets. With more than
300 scientists and more than 330 data storage-related patents in the United
States, Imation continues to pioneer today’s proven magnetic and optical media

As of March 31, 2004, Imation employed approximately 2,800 people
worldwide. Revenues from outside the U.S. contribute approximately 60 percent
of total sales. Additional information about Imation is available on the
company’s website at , or by calling 1.888.466.3456.

SpaceRef staff editor.