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Images From Space Address Problems on Earth

By SpaceRef Editor
January 25, 2002
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How can images of Earth taken from
space address problems such as urban sprawl and water quality?

State and national experts will present applications of such imagery,
referred to as remote sensing, at the OhioView Conference on Thursday,
January 24, and the AmericaView Conference on Friday, January 25, at OAI,
22800 Cedar Point Road in Cleveland, Ohio.

The OhioView Conference will focus on remote sensing research and
education across the state.
Professors and graduate students from
participating universities will showcase real-world applications in Ohio with
formal presentations throughout the day, including urbanization, farmland
loss, and environmental monitoring, as well as how such images are used in K-
12 education.
Visuals highlighting research on gypsy moth deforestation, Lake
Erie algae growth, strip mine land reclamation, and other topics will be on
display throughout the conferences.
An open panel discussion, including
opportunities for partnership with government and the educational and business
communities, will wrap up the first day’s event.

“Government and commercial satellite images are rapidly becoming an
integral part of education and research and our economy as a whole,” said Dr.
Robert Vincent, OhioView Director.
“This is an opportunity for educators,
legislators, and industry partners to assess the progress and chart the future
of satellite imaging applications.”

The OhioView Consortium is a partnership among ten Ohio universities, the
United States Geological Survey (USGS), and NASA Glenn Research Center.
OhioView has fostered an increased awareness of the relevance and importance
of satellite images for examining our changing Earth.
Remote sensing, like
that from NASA’s LANDSAT-7 Earth Observing Satellite, can detect changes in
land use, surface water, crops, forests, and the environment.
provides educators throughout the state with a new set of satellite images of
Ohio transmitted from LANDSAT-7 every 16 days.

AmericaView, a prototype of OhioView, is a national consortium of
universities, industries, and federal, state, local, and tribal governments
from 28 states.
Its purpose is to promote the development of the satellite
remote sensing industry in the United States through improved access to
satellite data and technology for education and research.

For more information, conference agendas, and directions to OAI, please
visit this website: .
The OhioView panelists are as

  • Robert Vincent, OhioView Director, Bowling Green State University
  • Jim Lein, OhioView Deputy Director, Ohio University
  • Loren Siebert, University of Akron
  • Pete Clapham, Cleveland State University
  • Robert Frohn, University of Cincinnati
  • Richard Beck, University of Cincinnati
  • Mandy Munro-Stasiuk, Kent State University
  • John Millard, University of Miami
  • Joel Morrison, Ohio State University
  • Carolyn Merry, Ohio State University
  • Kevin Czajkowski, University of Toledo
  • Doyle Watts, Wright State University

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