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IAF: Space Exploration – A Common Goal

By SpaceRef Editor
June 8, 2017
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The last day of GLEX 2017 marked the end of an intense three-day conference where space exploration achievements, potentials and future directions were shared and discussed by its engaged actors.

Among them, Zhang Rongquiao, Chief engineer of Lunar Exploration and Space Engineering Center, China National Space Administration (CNSA), and Wei Chuanfeng, Deputy Chief Designer of Tiangong-2 Space Laboratory of China Academy of Space Technology (CAST), presented China’s deep space exploration undertakings. The Long March (LM) series launch vehicles and Yuanzheng (YZ) managed by CALT attest the vision that “space transportation system is the foundation of developing space technology”, as declared by Lu Yu, Director of Science and Technology Committee at CALT. In that sense, CALT warmly welcomes all countries to participate in China space activities and commercial launch services. As for CAST, the attention is paid to the Chinese Space Station (CSS) ‘Tiangong’ planned for 2022 which will be composed of three modules: Core Module, Experiment Module 1 and Experiment Module 2.
Once again, the interest converged to the red planet: Mars. Indeed, for Thales Alenia Space which is currently developing technologies for food production in space, “Mars is the ultimate goal and Orion is the key element for space exploration” stated Roberto Provera, Director of New Initiatives & Customer Solutions Development. As for Airbus Defence & Space’s Head of Sales – Science & Exploration, Didier Morançais “Mars is the closest planet to Earth and since it has similar environment it has become the priority target in human exploration”.
Space exploration will answer the fundamental questions that have been accompanying humans since the beginning: Who are we? Are we alone? Where do we come from? We have to keep exploring the universe but in order to face the huge difficulties and challenges of space exploration, a common vision is needed. GLEX 2017 leaves us with a clear and optimistic message: Space Exploration needs a global cooperation of all space actors worldwide. GLEX2017 has opened the dialogue, let’s continue the discussion at IAC 2017 in Adelaide: How do we unlock our imagination? How do we foster innovation?
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SpaceRef staff editor.