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Hutchison Calls Successful SpaceX Launch Important Milestone

By SpaceRef Editor
December 8, 2010
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Hutchison Calls Successful SpaceX Launch Important Milestone

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-Texas), Ranking Member on the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee, today praised the successful launch, re-entry and recovery of SpaceX’s Dragon capsule and called it an important milestone in the development of cargo services, and eventually crew transportation services, needed to support and sustain the International Space Station.

“I congratulate SpaceX on its successful launch of the Falcon 9 Rocket and Dragon capsule,” said Senator Hutchison. “This launch represents an important milestone that reflects the wisdom of the balanced approach outlined in the recently enacted NASA authorization law. The new law preserves and advances the activities of commercial space companies working to develop reliable cargo and crew services to the International Space Station. Supporting the development of these commercial activities will allow NASA to focus its efforts on the development of a new launch system and crew exploration vehicle to move beyond low-Earth orbit, which the new law established as one of NASA’s highest priorities. Much work remains, but this is an important achievement and I congratulate SpaceX on a successful mission.”

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