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House Science Committee Gets a New Name: Hall Announces Agenda Priorities

By SpaceRef Editor
January 5, 2007
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WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Ralph Hall (R-TX), yesterday, officially took the reins to serve as the Republican Ranking Member of the newly named Committee on Science and Technology in the 110th Congress. 

The Committee’s name officially changed yesterday from The Committee on Science to The Committee on Science and Technology as part of the House Rules Package (H.Res. 6), to better reflect the Committee’s diverse jurisdiction.

Hall has served on the Committee continuously since first elected to Congress in 1980.  As Ranking Member of the Science and Technology Committee, Hall will promote a Vision for Science for the 21st Century that will keep America strong and secure and ensure America’s technological leadership for future generations. 

“America’s technological edge relies in large part on our space exploration and research and development programs,” Hall said.  “Investments in science, space and technology account for half of our nation’s productivity growth and bring returns far exceeding the original public investment.”

Another top priority will be to increase America’s energy independence by promoting research and development in alternative energy sources and new technologies.  “We need to develop clean and reliable sources of energy for the short and long term,” Hall said.  “As global competition for resources accelerates, our economy will be faced with higher energy costs.  We need new technologies to maximize current sources in the short term and innovative technologies to discover sources for the long term.”

Hall also will promote safety from natural disasters through better prediction and communication systems, security and information technology integration, and a competitiveness agenda that will help equip students and workers with the knowledge and skills necessary for 21st century jobs. 

“I look forward to working with Committee Members and with Chairman Bart Gordon (D-TN) to advance legislation that will help America meet the challenges of the 21st century,” Hall said.

SpaceRef staff editor.