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HKATG successfully carries out in-orbit technology validation of ‘Golden Bauhinia’ satellite constellation

By SpaceRef Editor
July 27, 2020
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On July 25, 2020, China’s Long March-4B carrier rocket was successfully launched from the Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, and the space exploration satellite named “Lobster Eye X-ray Explorer” was successfully put into orbit. The “Lobster Eye X-ray Explorer” is the first space exploration satellite in the world to apply X-ray technology focusing with lobster-eye optics. In its design and development process, all participators including the Hong Kong Aerospace Technology Group, Ltd. (HKATG) co-innovated in the basic research, engineering technology and applications to carry out the full-chain, systematic research and development work, which have made great contributions to strengthening China’s independent innovation capabilities in space astronomy, deep space exploration, and space remote sensing, etc.

The satellite is the first successful cooperation between mainland China and HK in space exploration through the commercial space model, and HKATG, as the first commercial space enterprise in HK, was deeply involved in the technical demonstration, research and development of the satellite. As a key in-orbit “technology verification star”, the successful launch of this satellite laid a solid technical foundation and engineering reserve for the deployment and implementation of the “Golden Bauhinia” constellation, and is a milestone in space projects cooperation between the two places and the development of HK’s space industry.

The aerospace industry will be a brand new economic growth point in the future, with the global aerospace industry expected to reach nearly trillion U.S. dollars around 2030. HK’s first commercial aerospace company, HKATG, was established, and in November 2019 it became the first institutional member of HK to be accredited by the International Astronautical Federation.

The successful implementation of this satellite project marks a new beginning for the development of HK’s aerospace industry. Following the successful technical validation, HKATG will rapidly deploy and operate the “Golden Bauhinia” constellation and has recently signed a strategic partnership agreement with China Great Wall Industry Corporation to jointly develop the “Golden Bauhinia” series of low-orbit satellite constellation system design, satellite design, development, testing, launch and in-orbit delivery,etc. Upon phased completion in 2021, a 24-hour near-instant dynamic monitoring system covering 11 city clusters in the Greater Bay Area will be formed, making it the first intelligent city management basic data operator in Greater Bay Area, and launching regional commercialization services for the area.

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