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HEICO Corporation Subsidiaries Supply Hardware for Orion Program

By SpaceRef Editor
December 8, 2014
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HEICO Corporation (NYSE:HEI.A) (HEI) today reported that two of its subsidiaries supplied High-Reliability electronic products for NASA’s Orion program. Orion was successfully launched into space and was then successfully recovered at sea after re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere according to plan in its Exploration Flight Test on Friday December 5, 2014. 

HEICO’s 3D Plus subsidiary supplied a Radiation Hardened and Space Qualified 32 gigabyte NAND Flash module used as the memory for the spacecraft’s data recorder in order to store images and video captured during the mission, as well as numerous flight parameters captured by Orion’s instruments. Headquartered in Buc, France with operations in CA and TX, 3D Plus has also supplied mission critical components on other space explorations, such as the NASA/JPL Mars Curiosity Rover and the European Space Agency’s recent Rosetta/Philae comet landing mission.

In addition, HEICO’s VPT, Inc. subsidiary supplied Hybrid DC-to-DC Electrical Converters for use in connection with development of Orion’s power subsystem. Based in Blacksburg, VA, VPT is a leading supplier of High Reliability electronic components on spacecraft, such as the US Air Force’s Global Positioning System (GPS) program, the NASA Mercury Messenger, and other satellites.

HEICO commented, “We congratulate NASA, its partners and suppliers on the successful launch and recovery of a uniquely advanced system that demonstrates the Country’s remarkable space capabilities and reminds us of the great prospects the U.S. space program continues to hold. We thank our remarkable Team Members at 3D Plus and VPT for their ingenuity, their commitment to quality and their dedication to advancing the space program; as always, they make us very proud.”

HEICO Corporation is engaged primarily in certain niche segments of the aviation, defense, space, medical, telecommunications and electronics industries through its Hollywood, FL-based Flight Support Group and its Miami, FL-based Electronic Technologies Group. HEICO’s customers include a majority of the world’s airlines and overhaul shops as well as numerous defense and space contractors and military agencies worldwide in addition to medical, telecommunications and electronics equipment manufacturers. For more information about HEICO, please visit our web site at

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