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Gulfstream Earns NAA’s First “Sustainable Wings” Certification

By SpaceRef Editor
July 29, 2021
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Gulfstream became the first company to earn NAA’s new Sustainable Wings certification on roundtrip, record-setting flights from Savannah, GA to San Francisco, CA and back to Savannah.  


NAA’s Sustainable Wings certification recognizes records that are set using Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).  SAF is a fully approved “drop-in” alternative to traditional Jet-A fuel and does not require any testing or modifications prior to use, giving operators an immediate reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


Greg Principato, President of NAA, said “Aviation must become more sustainable and is becoming more sustainable.  As the official record keeper of American aviation for more than a century it is incumbent on NAA to recognize this and to encourage the use of sustainable fuels and practices.  A more sustainable industry is an industry with a bright future.  We believe this program is one of many initiatives that will encourage a more sustainable industry.”


“Gulfstream and the National Aeronautic Association share a commitment to demonstrate environmentally friendly practices in the business aviation industry,” said Mark Burns, president, Gulfstream. “Being the first to achieve a ‘Sustainable Wings’ certification on a speed record is a reflection of that commitment and illustrates SAF’s ease of use, which helps us raise its visibility as part of our efforts to increase availability around the world.”


Details of the records, flown on July 24, 2021, by the Gulfstream Demonstration Team in a G500, are as follows:


Savannah to San Francisco:  548.80 mph (4 hours, 17 minutes)

San Francisco to Savannah:  546.67 mph (4 hours, 18 minutes)


“Records flown using fuel that meets the ASTM international standards for SAF can apply for our Sustainable Wings certification.  We hope that this new certification will increase awareness and encourage others to make the switch to SAF as it becomes more readily available,” said Art Greenfield, Director, Contest and Records at NAA.


A special “Sustainable Wings Certification” seal will be added to NAA’s Certificate of Record for all flights earning the recognition.  More information about the Sustainable Wings certification can be found on NAA’s website in the Records section.


The National Aeronautic Association is a non-profit, membership organization devoted to fostering America’s aerospace leadership and promoting public understanding of the importance of aviation and space flight to the United States.


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