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Goodrich Looks Forward to Launch of ORS-1 Satellite

By SpaceRef Editor
June 18, 2011
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Goodrich Corporation (NYSE:GR ) the prime contractor for the ORS-1 (Operationally Responsive Space) satellite has successfully completed all of the major program milestones and the ORS-1 satellite has been delivered to NASA’s Wallops Island Flight Facility at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) in Virginia, for launch aboard a Minotaur 1.

The ORS-1 satellite is the first satellite developed to support Combatant Command operations and will provide battlespace awareness supporting U.S. Central Command’s mission needs. Following the delivery of the bus from its sub-contractor ATK Space Systems, Goodrich has successfully completed several major milestones:

– In October 2010 the payload and spacecraft bus were successfully integrated, paving the way for environmental and acceptance testing.

– Rigorous environmental testing began in December 2010 enabling the Goodrich team to ensure that the satellite will function and perform in extreme conditions. The tests included duplicating extreme hot and cold temperatures the satellite will experience during launch and when in space.

– Pre-ship review and preparation for shipment was successfully completed in April 2011.

Goodrich is the lead systems integrator for the ORS-1 satellite and is also providing the satellite’s sensor payload. The payload leverages the Goodrich SYERS-2 multi-spectral sensor, the primary imaging sensor on the U-2 reconnaissance plane. The bus, built for Goodrich by ATK Space Systems is based on the bus built for TacSat-3. A Goodrich ground segment formats the data from the payload sensor to be compatible with the processing, exploitation and dissemination infrastructure used for the operational SYERS-2 sensor.

A model of the ORS-1 satellite is on display at the Goodrich pavilion.

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