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Global SpaceTech Investors and Companies Completely Profiled in Landmark Analysis

By SpaceRef Editor
July 22, 2021
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SpaceTech Analytics announces the release of an open-access 85-page special analytical case study, “Investment Digest of SpaceTech Industry 2021 / Q2 designed to provide tangible insights and trends on companies and investors. 

Link to the Special Analytical Case Study: Link to the Interactive Dashboard: 

The investment digest summarizes information about key industry trends and more than 350+ publicly traded SpaceTech companies in 20 industries, 5,000 leading investors in 50+ countries, 20+ venture funds and other SpaceTech related players that contribute to the growing space economy experiencing rapid boost nowadays. 

The associated SpaceTech Analytical Dashboard offers additional insights and interactive features that allow key market trends to be identified and analyzed with a higher degree of precision. 

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This is a comprehensive case study that provides an extended overview of SpaceTech financials by characterizing investors and companies from the space industry by a variety of factors. The Digest contains information about the SpaceTech companies that are about to go public as well as companies and investors engaged in M&A or SPAC deals. In addition, there is information about the world’s first listed Space Technology Fund and about one of the biggest Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) in the industry. Investment analysis provided includes information about sectors which gain the largest amount of fundings. 

Some of the analysis’s takeaways include the following: 

● SpaceTech sector is experiencing rapid growth. The year 2020 resulted in multiple medium and large funding rounds for SpaceTech companies, especially for those that focus on advancing space capabilities. 

● According to the SpaceTech stock index, the industry’s growth is exceeding that of the entire market (represented as the S&P 500 index) and it is less volatile. The index includes more than 350 corporations operating in the space and IT sectors in 2021. 

● Mergers with SPACs are becoming a widely-used way to go public among SpaceTech companies. In 2021, seven SPAC deals with $3.5B of total capital were raised. 

● The closing of IPOs will attract a significant number of non-SpaceTech investors looking to enter the sector. 2020 was marked by five IPOs in the SpaceTech industry. Besides, in 2021, 7 SPAC deals with total capital raised reaching $3,5B occurred. 

● Currently, Honeywell International Inc. has the highest capitalization, reaching about $160B. However, this is by no means limit of how much capital can and will be raised for SpaceTech companies, which will become apparent in the coming years. 

● The new space-focused ETF and the first listed Space Investment Trust were founded. 

The data encompassed by SpaceTech Analytics in “Investment Digest of SpaceTech Industry 2021 / Q2,” are presented and visualized so as to enable strategic decision-makers to extract insights and other valuable, tangible information more easily, with the ultimate aim of optimizing their investment management strategies, assisting and promoting the accelerated growth of the SpaceTech industry as a whole. 

SpaceTech Analytics is open to cooperation and sets up an active position in the industry for investment relations. 

About SpaceTech Analytics 

SpaceTech Analytics is a strategic analytics agency focused on markets in the Space Travel & Exploration, Spaceflight, Space Medicine, and Satellite Tech industries. Its range of activities includes research and analysis on major areas of high potential in the SpaceTech industry, maintaining profiling of companies and government agencies based on their innovation potential and business activity, and providing consulting and analytical services to advance the SpaceTech sector. 

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