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Global Astronomy Month Begins April 1st

By SpaceRef Editor
March 30, 2018
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Global Astronomy Month 2018 (#GAM2018) fills the entire month of April again with exciting programs for astronomy enthusiasts worldwide. Whether it’s stargazing, sharing with the public, or the cosmos in art, there is something for everyone in GAM 2018.

Global Astronomy Month (GAM,, organized each April by Astronomers Without Borders (AWB), is the world’s largest annual global celebration of astronomy. Each GAM brings new ideas and new opportunities, and GAM 2018 is no exception, once again bringing enthusiasts together worldwide to celebrate Astronomers Without Borders’ motto One People, One Sky.

Our main theme this year centers on Earth’s lone natural companion that has fascinated cultures around the world — the Moon. Throughout Global Astronomy Month this year, the Moon will be celebrated with special series of programming that will be dedicated to helping people rediscover our closest companion in space.

Dozens of programs fill the month of April, with highlighted events worldwide including…

* Lunar Facebook Lives: A series of Facebook Lives will explore the role our Moon has historically played in art, science and exploration. Special guest panelists will be joining the discussion, that includes a NASA mission scientist, a retired astronaut,, a science illustrator, a film director and even an actor from the Star Trek TV universe.

* Global Star Party: Astronomers Without Borders is nothing without its community. We launch Global Astronomy Month with public stargazing parties being held worldwide. And this year we have asked organizers and participants to share their local star party experiences through a series of Facebook Lives highlighting differences and similarities of everyone in the AWB global astronomy community. All webcasts will be shared with the world, and the AWB Facebook page will be highlighting them all.

* OPTICKS, a Cosmic Mail Art, transmits images to the Moon and back as radio signals in real time.

* Thousands will view the heavens through telescopes provided by amateur astronomers and science centers during SunDay, and other observing events.

* Online observing with popular astronomer Gianluca Masi will feature live interaction with a worldwide audience in the hugely popular Online Messier Marathon. The Virtual Telescope Project will also offer a Walk on the Moon live tour of lunar features including guided visits to craters named after women.

* AWB’s wide-ranging AstroArts program connects art and culture with astronomy in exciting ways with blog posts including a special live online lunar sketching workshop

Partner programs bring new audiences and participants: Measuring light pollution worldwide in Globe at Night, classrooms discovering asteroids in the International Asteroid Search Campaign, and more.

Learn more about GAM 2018 programs on the website ( The GAM 2018 website is the hub of all activities, with galleries, articles, and fresh content continuously posted. GAM participants will be adding their reports and photos about their local GAM events and program from all parts of the world.

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