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Frost & Sullivan Awards ‘Innovative Satellite Service of the Year’ To Hughes Global Services, Inc.

By SpaceRef Editor
January 17, 2003
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Frost & Sullivan
Wednesday awarded Hughes Global Services, Inc. (HGS) their Innovative
Satellite Service of the Year Award for HGS’ exceptional innovation in their
approach to serving customers, particularly in the use of offering high
quality satellite service on a combination of traditional leased capacity and
salvaged space assets.

A team of Frost & Sullivan analysts found that HGS had excelled when
measured against on the following criteria:

  • Demonstrable technological, management, strategy, or sales innovation and leadership.
  • Increased share and recognition with the market due to a unique innovation.
  • Development of new applications for existing products.
  • Establishment of a “first mover” status with a new aspect of an existing market or opening a niche in an original market.

An example of HGS’ innovation has been their establishment of a fleet of
satellites on orbit by taking satellites no longer useful for their intended
purpose and creating a satellite service business with it. For instance,
HGS-1, was rescued from an unusable orbit by sending the satellite around the
moon and using the moon’s gravity to assist putting the satellite into a
revenue producing orbit in the world’s first commercial lunar mission.

Most recently, HGS relocated another satellite, the former Palapa C1, into
an orbital slot for Pakistan, providing that nation with their first
geosynchronous communications satellite.

“Hughes Global Services has truly been a market leader in looking at
innovative new approaches to the satellite communications business over the
past five years”, says Frost & Sullivan Industry Analyst Juliette Salvati,
“Frost & Sullivan is pleased to be able to recognize their continuing
commitment to continually innovating new ways to meet their customer’s needs.”

HGS has also pioneered commercial satellite communications use by the US
Government. Working with the General Services Administration, HGS set up a
highly flexible contract which allows government agencies to quickly and
easily acquire needed commercial satellite products and services.

An “honest broker” of satellite communications services, HGS prides itself
on it’s ability to offer the best solution possible to it’s customers by
providing products and services from across the satellite industry. As an
example, HGS has provided satellite bandwidth more than 50 different
satellites from some dozen or so different satellite service providers.

About Hughes Global Services

Hughes Global Services (HGS) provides one-stop shopping for satellite
communications solutions in niche and underserved markets. HGS has provided
services in over 88 countries worldwide to over 130 customers. HGS
( is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hughes Electronics
Corporation, a world-leading provider of digital television entertainment, and
global video and data broadcasting. HUGHES is a unit of General Motors
Corporation. The earnings of HUGHES are used to calculate the earnings per
share to the General Motors Class H common stock .

About Frost & Sullivan

Founded in 1961, Frost & Sullivan is recognized as a global leader in
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companies that demonstrate excellence in their industry, commending the
diligence, commitment, and innovative business strategies required to advance
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