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Friends of Challenger Learning Center of Colorado Attend Social

By SpaceRef Editor
October 20, 2009
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COLORADO SPRINGS, CO: On September 16th, Mrs. Vivian Teets, Challenger Learning Center of Colorado Board Member, joined her husband Peter in opening their home to more than 60 guests who certainly enjoyed the good food and good company in equal measure! But beyond the social aims of the evening was an added purpose of informing attendees about becoming Friends of the Challenger Learning Center, and of the numerous ways individuals can support this exciting and successful program.

Mr. and Mrs. Teets, and members of the Challenger Learning Center staff, greeted arriving guests, and later took the lead on introducing the great work of this organization by way of talks, charts, and television spots about CLCC. The original Learning Center came on line in 1986, following the Challenger Shuttle accident early that year. There are now 50 Learning Centers across the country, including the Colorado site right here in Colorado Springs. CLCC, as it is known, opened in 2002.

According to Tracey Tomme, CLCC President and CEO, the Challenger Learning Center concept provides science and education centers where teachers and students use state-of-the-art technology and simulations to “explore” space in a realistic, motivational setting. Challenger Learning Center goals include: Increasing student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics; Improving knowledge and problem-solving skills; and Teaching participants to work in teams, use their communications skills, and think critically. The program serves student, corporate, and public users of the facility – locally, some 10,000 participants a year!

The Colorado Learning Center includes simulations of a Mission Control Center, a Transporter / Space Shuttle, and a Spacecraft / Space Station. This facility, and the other Challenger Learning Centers across the country, plays a vital role in preparing young people to succeed in high-tech, engineering, and science career fields. In her comments, Mrs. Teets indicated that the Center encourages community participation through membership in the Friends of CLCC organization, as work volunteers at the site, and as financial donors – corporate or private. Enquiries can be directed to the Center, located at 10215 Lexington Drive (Suite 110), at 719-598-9755.

The September social was an outstanding success, if the enthusiasm and support of the people on-hand is any indication. Without exception, the group appreciated the Teets’ warm hosting skills, and came through with an impressive level of personal commitment to supporting the Challenger Learning Center of Colorado.

About Challenger Learning Center of Colorado

The Challenger Learning Center of Colorado is a space-based learning environment where schoolchildren, families, senior citizens, corporate teams and other community members “fly” simulated space missions. Located in Colorado Springs and dedicated to the educational spirit of the NASA Challenger Space Shuttle mission of 1986, the Center uses the excitement of space exploration to create learning experiences that foster lifelong learning in mathematics, science and technology, and develop critical communication, decision-making, team-building and collaborative skills. CLCC features three space simulators; a Mission Control Center modeled after the one at Johnson Space Center in Houston, a Space Shuttle/Transporter, and an International Space Station where experiments are performed and probes are “launched” into the depths of outer space. In addition to school-class and adult missions, CLCC offers exciting week-long summer space adventure programs for individual students entering first through twelfth grades. For more information, visit

Media Contact: Tracey Tomme, Challenger Learning Center of Colorado 719.598.9755 [email protected]

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