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Former NFL Player Ken Harvey Taking Sports to New Astronomical Heights

By SpaceRef Editor
September 3, 2008
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Former NFL Player Ken Harvey Taking Sports to New Astronomical Heights

Founder of JAKA Consulting Group Launches New Website Portal

Get ready for the ultimate sports eXperience!!!

Reston, VA (August 28, 2008) – Many people have heard of Space Tourism, Space Commercialization and Space industrialization, but now there’s Space Sportilization – the intersection of space, sports and entertainment.

Ken Harvey a former four times NFL Pro Bowl Linebacker, with the Arizona Cardinals and Washington Redskins, and Allen Herbert, an Aerospace Engineer, have coined the term Space Sportilization as part of their company’s offering. Their company, JAKA Consulting Group, uses sports as an entrance way into out- of- the- box thinking.

Their new website is an exciting place where visitors can access information regarding Sports or Space, including information about Space experiences such as virtual games, zero gravity flights (Which are possible now), suborbital flights, orbital flights, astronaut training experiences.

The website also addresses future private flights to the moon and creates contests geared for youth and adults, as well as funded competitions and a full range of today’s hottest sporting information

Believe it or not, a lot of athletes are fascinated by space and a lot of space enthusiasts are excited by sports, so why not combine the two in cool and exciting ways. One example of this union is having top athletes review Space and Sci-fi action movies along with video games that have the same themes, while having space enthusiast review sports movies.

Says Harvey, “Sports games are based on team work and with that same thought in mind, our site can only get better through the teamwork of our viewers. We are looking for input and participation from all of our visitors to help us create the best site possible.”

For more information about JAKA Consulting group please visit: .

Media Contact: Allen Herbert
Ph: (703) 230-5252

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