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Former Astronaut, Lunar Explorer Buzz Aldrin Joins Scientific Advisory Board of

By SpaceRef Editor
June 13, 2000
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Former astronaut and lunar
explorer Col. Buzz Aldrin, USAF (Ret.), Ph.D., joined the Scientific Advisory
Board of, the B2B workplace on the web for science and
engineering (S&E). delivers comprehensive information on
published research, funding sources, teaming opportunities, products, and

The Scientific Advisory Board will provide counsel about trends within the
S&E community and periodically review the content and resources provided on
the web site.

“ is providing an extremely valuable service and opening
new doors to scientists and engineers,” said Buzz Aldrin.
“I look forward to
serving on the Scientific Advisory Board and assisting in its
endeavors to provide the most current and most valuable information and
services available.”

In addition to Buzz Aldrin, named Dr. Denice D. Denton,
Dean of Engineering and a professor in the Department of Electrical
Engineering at the University of Washington, to the advisory board.
Drs. Aldrin and Denton are the initial members of the advisory board.
board ultimately will comprise five members from the scientific and
engineering communities.

“ is truly excited to have as esteemed an astronaut and
scientist as Dr. Buzz Aldrin serve on our Scientific Advisory Board.
expertise and insight will prove invaluable as continues to
enrich and broaden the content and resources we offer to S&E professionals,”
said John Rodman, President and CEO, (
“Dr. Denice Denton further strengthens our board’s expertise and, along with
Dr. Aldrin, provides a solid foundation for counsel and oversight of the web site.”

Col. Buzz Aldrin, USAF (Ret.), Ph.D.

Buzz Aldrin has distinguished himself as an astronaut, space exploration
futurist, scientist, author, lecturer, educator and fighter pilot.
July 20, 1969, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong made their historic Apollo
11 moon walk, becoming the first two men to set foot on the moon.
Aldrin was
selected by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to become
an astronaut in 1963.

Aldrin earned a Doctorate in Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute
of Technology in Manned Space Rendezvous.
The rendezvous techniques he
devised were used on all NASA missions, including the first space docking with
the Russian Cosmonauts.
Aldrin has logged 4,500 flying hours, 290 of them in

Since retiring from NASA and the Air Force, Dr. Aldrin has remained at the
forefront of efforts to ensure a continued leading role for America in manned
space exploration.
He writes and is lecturing and traveling throughout the
world to pursue and discuss his and others’ latest concepts and ideas for
exploring the universe.
He founded two organizations — Starcraft Boosters
Inc., his private rocket design company, and ShareSpace Foundation, his
nonprofit organization promoting space tourism — to actively lend his voice
to the space community.
He created a master plan of evolving missions for
sustained exploration utilizing reusable spacecraft and his concept of a
spacecraft system that makes perpetual orbits between Earth and Mars.

Dr. Aldrin authored several books, including Encounter with Tiber;
Men from Earth; his autobiography, Return to Earth; and a new space novel, The
Return, which waves Dr. Aldrin’s vision of the future of space tourism into a
Dr. Aldrin has just commenced a three-month book tour for The Return.

Denice D. Denton, Ph.D.

Denice Denton is the Dean of Engineering and a Professor in the Department
of Electrical Engineering at the University of Washington.
She received her
BS, MS and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from MIT.
Dr. Denton has received
numerous awards and honors in recognition of her contributions to engineering
research and education.
In addition, she served as co-director of the
National Institute for Science Education, chaired the National Academy of
Sciences (NAS)/National Research Council (NRC) Board on Engineering Education,
and was a member of the NAS/NRC Committee on Undergraduate Science Education.

Dr. Denton is currently a member of the National Academy of Engineering
Committee on Engineering Education.
Her current research interests include
plasma deposition of polymers used in bioengineering applications, the
investigation of the long term reliability implications of the use of polymers
in biomedical applications, and the use of micromachining in solid state
actuator design.

Aldrin Featured on GreatIdeasRadio

Dr. Aldrin, currently in Washington, DC through tomorrow, will be the
subject of an interview on GreatIdeasRadio, WWRC 570 AM beginning 10 a.m.
June 14, 2000. is a corporate sponsor of the broadcast.

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