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Florida Link to Launch Rally to Include Addresses from Federal, State Officials

By SpaceRef Editor
June 20, 2008
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Florida Link to Launch Rally to Include Addresses from Federal, State Officials



What: Link to Launch: Floridians will gather, link their hands and countdown from 30 seconds when they will lift them skyward in a gesture to show solidarity and awareness of the importance of the Space Program to America. The rally is scheduled to coincide with a Senate subcommittee hearing being held inside the Port Authority Offices.

The Link to Launch movement was started by people in on Florida’s Space Coast to raise the awareness of the nation and our policy makers that Space is a critical element in our nation’s security, our culture and global economic competitiveness. A limited number of media seats on helicopters are available for aerial photography.

When: Monday, June 23,

8:30 am crowd convenes

– Welcome by Dale Ketcham

8:35 Thank you to crowd for support of America’s Space Program:

– Senator Bill Nelson

– Senator Mel Martinez

8:45 Crowd links hands, counts down from t-minus 30 to raising them skyward at 0

Where: Canaveral Port Authority Building Grounds (map at George King Boulevard, Port Canaveral, Florida

Media table will be located at the Link to Launch Command Center, located off of Challenger Road. On site contact Mike Rein: 321-693-6250 or Gwendolyn Anello: 321-537-4144

Who: Floridians eager to demonstrate the importance of space to the nation’s leaders. Outreach to state and local citizens was conducted, primarily through email chains, public relations and advertising. Organizers are planning for participation from well over one thousand citizens.

SpaceRef staff editor.