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First Ever Commercial Virtual Reality System to Fly in Space Brings Non-Astronauts Aboard ISS

By SpaceRef Editor
October 28, 2015
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Deep Space Industries is developing space-qualified spherical video technologies for its near Earth asteroid (NEA) prospecting and mining activities, with the Thrillbox-enabled space station event as the first step to test its potential. Prospecting and harvesting activities at NEAs will be done remotely, using both autonomous and tele-operated robotic machinery. Situational awareness through spherical video will enable a faster pace of operations and will avoid accidents caused by being unaware of hazards off to a side or even behind the robots.

“After this initial test of spherical video on ISS, we hope to work with CASIS to place additional capture rigs inside and outside the space station,” said Rick Tumlinson, DSI Chair. “Our eventual goal is to democratize access to space, allowing people anywhere in the world to share in the DSI exploration and mining experience, and even perhaps remotely operate their own wildcat mining rigs, directly participating in and profiting from in-space activities.”

About Deep Space Industries

Deep Space Industries is an international space resources company, utilizing the most advanced nanosat technologies to realize asteroid mining. To learn more about DSI’s asteroid mining projects, innovative technology, or world-renowned team of experts, please visit:

About Thrillbox

Thrill Box is a virtual-reality (VR) data analytics provider. To learn more, please visit:

Image: Left: International Space Station’s Destiny module, just after installation in 2001. Right: Destiny module in use in 2002. Image Credit: NASA

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