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First Class of Space Shuttle Astronauts to be Inducted Into Astronaut Hall of Fame

By SpaceRef Editor
September 27, 2001
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Apollo 13 Commander and Host Jim Lovell, 20 Astronauts Convene At Historic Celebration at Kennedy Space Center

On November 9 and 10,
2001, space fans will have the opportunity to witness the induction of
America’s first class of space shuttle astronauts into the U.S. Astronaut Hall
of Fame, joining space heroes from Mercury, Gemini, Apollo and Skylab
The two-day celebration will take place at Kennedy Space Center
Visitor Complex, marking the first time the Visitor Complex has hosted this
prestigious event, and the first time the public has been widely invited to
participate in the induction celebration.
The last induction ceremony was
held in 1997 for the Apollo astronauts.
To date, 44 astronauts have been
inducted into the Astronaut Hall of Fame.

Shuttle commanders Robert L. “Bob” Crippen (STS-1, STS-7, STS-41C,
STS-41G), Joe H. Engle (STS-2, STS-51I), Richard H. “Dick” Truly (STS-2,
STS-8) and Frederick H. “Rick” Hauck (STS-7, STS-51A, STS-26) were selected
for induction by a distinguished committee of former NASA flight directors and
officials, space journalists and a space historian.
The committee was
appointed by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, for which Apollo 13
Commander Jim Lovell currently serves as Chairman.

“Space shuttle astronauts are truly unsung heroes of the space program,”
said Lovell.
“Many people don’t realize that the shuttle was the first
vehicle to launch men into space without being previously flight tested
It’s radically different from the spacecraft used in the Mercury,
Gemini and Apollo missions.”

On Friday evening, November 9, at 7 p.m. guests will enjoy a pre-induction
celebration at the critically acclaimed Apollo/Saturn V Center, the recently
constructed home of one of only three existing Saturn V moon rockets in the
The highlight of the evening will be several appearances and
meet-and-greets with previously inducted Hall of Fame astronauts.
scheduled to appear are Mercury Astronaut Scott Carpenter; Mercury and Gemini
Astronaut Gordon Cooper; Mercury, Gemini and Apollo Astronaut Wally Schirra;
Gemini and Apollo Astronaut Frank Borman; Gemini, Apollo and Shuttle Astronaut
John Young; Gemini and Apollo Astronaut Jim Lovell; Gemini and Apollo
Astronaut Dick Gordon; Apollo Astronauts Rusty Schweickart, Edgar Mitchell and
Al Worden; Skylab Astronauts Joseph Kerwin, Gerald Carr and Bill Pogue; Skylab
and Shuttle Astronauts Paul Weitz and Owen Garriott; and Apollo Soyuz and
Shuttle Astronaut Vance Brand.
The bill of fare includes hand-carved roast
pork loin; fresh clams and oysters; smoked salmon and Florida crab cakes; wild
mushroom risotto; international and domestic cheeses; petit fours, cheesecake
and chocolate fondue with fresh seasonal fruit, as well as assorted
non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages. Musical entertainment also will be

The induction ceremony will take place on Saturday, November 10, at 2 p.m.
at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s Shuttle Plaza, with an inspirational
backdrop of a full-size space shuttle replica.
Scheduled Master of Ceremonies
is CNN’s Miami Bureau Chief, John Zarella; host is Jim Lovell.

Space fans may purchase the entire event package for just $85 adults,
$60 children ages 3-11. Package price includes admission to the Friday evening
pre-induction celebration and the Saturday afternoon induction ceremony, as
well as admission to both Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and the
Astronaut Hall of Fame for three full days, November 9-11.
Tickets for the
induction event may be purchased online at
or by phone at 321/449-4444.
A limited number of discounted hotel rooms are
also available.

By participating in this historic event, the astronauts also help to
ensure the future of the space program-each astronaut has agreed to donate his
appearance fees to the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, which provides
scholarships to upper level college students and those pursuing advanced
degrees in the fields of science and engineering.
A nonprofit organization,
the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation was established in 1984 as the Mercury
Seven Foundation by the six surviving members of America’s original Mercury
Astronauts and Mrs. Betty Grissom, widow of the seventh, Gus Grissom.

“The money raised by the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation ensures that
America’s best and brightest students have an opportunity to pursue careers in
science and engineering, regardless of economic status,” said Lovell.
date, 146 students have received almost $1.5 million in scholarships from the

For more information about the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation, call
(321) 269-6119.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, located 45 minutes east of Orlando,
Florida, offers guests the opportunity to see real components of the
International Space Station, relive man’s moon landing at the Apollo/Saturn V
Center and see space shuttle launch pads.
Regular daily admission is $25 for
adults and $15 for children ages 3-11, and includes access to all exhibits,
the KSC Tour of restricted areas, Astronaut Encounter, Mad Mission to Mars
2025 and IMAX® space films.
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex is open
from 9 a.m. to approximately dusk every day except December 25 and certain
launch days.
The Astronaut Hall of Fame is located just west of Kennedy Space
Center, and features space memorabilia, authentic space hardware, and personal
artifacts from America’s space pioneers.

SpaceRef staff editor.